Mayweather: ‘It’s a victory’ for Conor McGregor if he makes it to a decision

Floyd Mayweather isn’t known as a knockout puncher but he’s still predicting that UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor won’t make it 12 rounds with him when they step into the ring together on Aug. 26.

On Thursday at his home gym in Las Vegas, Mayweather put on a workout and answered questions from the media just two weeks out from his showdown with McGregor where he made his prediction for the fight.

Mayweather has heard plenty of pundits claim that if McGregor can make it to the final bell with one of the greatest boxers of all time, he’s going to be a winner even if he loses a lopsided decision.

The 40-year old boxer agreed with that assessment based on his skills matched up with McGregor, who is making his professional debut when they face off at the T-Mobile Arena.

“It is a victory for him,” Mayweather said about McGregor making it to a decision. “If he goes the distance, it’s a victory for him in my eyes also.”

While Mayweather believes allowing McGregor to stick around 12 rounds will be a win for the UFC champion, he has no desire whatsoever to let the fight go that long.

McGregor has already boldly predicted that he’ll finish Mayweather inside four rounds, but the former multi-division boxing champion isn’t ready to call his shot by picking the exact minute when he’ll put the UFC superstar away.

Instead, Mayweather will only say that he won’t allow McGregor to reach the judges’ scorecards and this will not only be the 50th win on his record but another knockout to add to his resume as well.

“He believes it’s not gonna go past four and I believe that it’s not gonna go the distance at all,” Mayweather said. “He feels one way, I feel another way.

“We’re both confident in our skills. We’ll just have to see.”

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