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Jake Paul calls out Conor McGreor, Jorge Masvidal: “Get the smoke”

"When they come into the boxing ring, my skillset is higher than theirs right now"

Despite being very new in his combat sports career, YouTube star Jake Paul has wasted no time calling out the likes of Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal.

Paul made his boxing debut in January of this year, knocking out An Edson Gib in the first round. His brother Logan Paul, who’s claim to fame also began on YouTube, first began the venture into combat sports, facing internet personality KSI in two boxing bouts.

This weekend Jake Paul is expected to face former NBA player Nate Robinson on the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones jr card. However it seems he already has his sights set on MMA’s biggest stars, such as the above mentioned fighters and also former ONE champion Ben Askren.


“That level of competition is harder than what these MMA guys are bringing. These MMA guys have to go into the gym and have to focus on elbows and kicks and jiu-jitsu and takedowns and takedown defense and all this extra stuff,” Paul told Barstool Sports. “I’m only boxing. So, when they come into the boxing ring, my skillset is higher than theirs right now. I’m ready for these guys right now. So, Ben Askren, Masvidal, the McGregor’s they’re going to get the smoke and people will see. I have to prove myself. I’m talking a lot. I know I’m talking a lot but it’s because I’m confident.

“So, November 28 it will be the first steppingstone of ‘wow he beat an actual athlete.’ Then after that, once I take down a professional MMA fighter,” Paul continued. “People will be like, I think that’s when people will turn their heads and be like ‘ok, this kid wasn’t just saying sh*t to blow smoke.’”

The Paul brothers have had an antagonistic history with both combat sports athletes and other social media celebrities, often calling them out and berating them. Jake Paul has recently had his sights set on boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, something that quite possibly influenced his brother’s recent call outs.

Do you think Jake Paul will ever face the likes of Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal?

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