Ian Garry Clashes with UFC Legend – Podcast Boycott Announced!

Garry's Stand Against Disrespectful Comments

Ian Garry, the promising UFC talent, has unleashed a torrent of criticism against former light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. The controversy stems from Jackson’s disrespectful remarks about Garry and his wife on The MMA Hour. Initially scheduled to appear on Jackson’s podcast JAXXON, Garry was infuriated by the UFC legend’s comments regarding his marital relationship. This issue gained traction after Sean Strickland warned Garry about his wife being labeled a “gold digger”.

Garry’s wife, Layla Machado Garry, had previously penned a satirical guide for women on attracting athletes for a luxurious lifestyle. The couple insists the book’s intent has been misconstrued. However, this has not stopped individuals, including “Rampage”, from mocking the young UFC star.


During an appearance on The MMA Hour, “Rampage” questioned Garry’s decision to decline the podcast invitation, suggesting fear of ridicule. Garry, outraged, called out Jackson for his ignorance and offensive comments, particularly the derogatory nickname “Ian the cuck”. Disgusted by Jackson’s behavior, Garry has vowed to boycott his podcast, condemning him for believing and spreading baseless rumors.

  • Quotes Section:
    • “You believe in complete bullshit and lies from other people.”
    • “Imagine having a podcast and not knowing who your next guest is.”

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