Francis Ngannou Confident of Knocking Out Anthony Joshua

"Easier to Take Down Than Fury"

After his closely contested split decision loss to Tyson Fury, Ngannou feels he has more to offer in the boxing arena. Now, facing Joshua, he sees an opportunity to truly shine. Ngannou is unafraid to express his belief that he can take Joshua down.

“Anthony Joshua is undoubtedly a formidable boxer,” Ngannou added, “but when you compare him to Fury, there are differences that play in my favor. Fury has a remarkable ability to recover, which I think Joshua lacks. This isn’t to underestimate him; it’s just my assessment based on their styles and previous fights.”

Ngannou acknowledges Joshua’s recent victory against Otto Wallin, but he isn’t convinced that Wallin posed a significant challenge. “Joshua performed exceptionally against Wallin, but Wallin didn’t really push him to the limits. That won’t be the case with me. I’m there to challenge him, to push him, and make him fight for every round.”

Currently in Paris, Ngannou plans to move his training camp to Saudi Arabia after a press conference in London next week. He intends to train with the same team that prepared him for the Fury fight, focusing on honing his boxing skills further.

At 37, Ngannou is aware of the challenges ahead but remains confident in his abilities. “People have only seen a glimpse of what I can do in the boxing ring. That was just my first fight. There’s a huge potential for improvement, and I am just getting started. I am a beginner, but a fast-learning one.”

Ngannou’s determination and confidence are palpable as he prepares for this significant bout. His transition from UFC to professional boxing has been remarkable, and his upcoming fight against Anthony Joshua promises to be an exciting and pivotal moment in his boxing career.

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