Bare-Knuckle and Slap Fighting Approved in California

✔ A New Era in Combat Sports ✔ California's Historic Decision Paves the Way for BKFC and Power Slap

California has taken a monumental leap in the world of combat sports by approving both bare-knuckle and slap fighting. This decision, as per the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), set to be enacted from Spring 2024, heralds a new era in combat sports.

The decision, unanimously passed by CSAC with a 6-0 vote, follows in the footsteps of other states like Florida, Utah, and New York. This approval is seen as a significant development, especially since CSAC is regarded as one of the most influential commissions in the USA.

Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), the premier organization in bare-knuckle fighting, plans to host an event in California in Spring 2024, though the date and location are yet to be determined. This move is part of BKFC’s aggressive expansion, which has been gaining ground in multiple states. Simultaneously, UFC President Dana White welcomed the approval on Instagram, reflecting growing enthusiasm for slap fighting. White, a long-time proponent of the sport, runs the Power Slap league in Nevada and now eyes expansion opportunities in California.


Dana White expressed his excitement about the decision: “This is a big day for combat sports, and we look forward to bringing Power Slap to California.”

While the details of BKFC’s and Power Slap’s events in California remain unclear, it is evident that CSAC’s decision will have a far-reaching impact on the future of combat sports in the USA.

With this historic decision, California now stands at the forefront of a new and exciting era in combat sports. It remains to be seen how this development will affect both athletes and fans. How do you think these changes will shape the future of combat sports?

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