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Bob Sapp rips Mike Tyson: “He is TRULY scared – because of how big I am!”

✔ "I am responsible for bringing him out of retirement!"

MMA veteran Bob Sapp has a history with boxing legend Mike Tyson and he won’t let “Iron” Mike off the hook until they have settled their dispute in the ring!

Sapp recently took aim at 55-year-old Tyson with a video where he threatened to rip the former heavyweight champion’s heart out. In an exclusive interview with MMAnytt, Sapp explained how the animosity between him and Tyson has been growing since early 2000s and how he takes the credit for bringing him out of retirement!

– We first got involved in 2003 in Las Vegas, Bob Sapp said about his history with Mike Tyson. There was some pushing and shoving when I met him at the Bellagio. I am responsible for bringing him out of retirement. It’s impossible for anyone to be a Mike Tyson fan without them being a Bob Sapp fan, because I’m the guy that brought him out of retirement! Nobody would be talking about him at all if it wasn’t for me!

Sapp was supposed to be Tyson’s original opponent when he made his anticipated return. Tyson finally ended up fighting former four-division world champion Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020, but according to Sapp, this bout was done to leave him out of the multimillion dollar deal. Sapp partly blames Tyson’s manager and brother-in-law Azheem Spicer but ultimately points a finger at Tyson for being too scared to take the fight.

– They decided to draw up some scheme in which they decided to circumvent me because [Tyson] is very scared to fight me. I got him from 10 million to 20 million and then the price raised to 50 million, and we ended up selling at 30 million dollars with the PPV that would take it up to 50 million. However, it never worked out because Azheem wanted millions of dollars to go straight to his pocket, and then with Tyson being so scared and all, these price increases came after he saw a picture of what I looked like.

The guy is truly truly truly scared. We understand that he is scared because of how I look and how big I am. That’s kind of fucked up, but I understand that because all of these other guys are also scared.

Bob Sapp vs Mike Tyson?

Bob Sapp is truly a rare specimen as the 48-year-old shows off a body resembling a superhero more than a man pushing fifty. “The Beast” Sapp says that the recent photos of his physique has garnered him a lot of attention and some odd call-outs.

– Let’s talk about all the pros that have called me out, ones that are scared: Mike Tyson, Thor from Game of Thrones, Shaquille O’Neal and Evander Holyfield. But we couldn’t understand what [Holyfield] was saying because he is punch drunk and is mumbling all the time. We don’t know if he accepted the offer or denied it because we couldn’t understand what he was saying! It was too dangerous to bring him into the ring because he is too punch drunk! 

Regardless of his many options, Sapp still wants to settle the score with Tyson and he has a grand plan he is preparing to set in motion in Thailand together with his close friend Samer Suojhayer, CEO of Yuth Sport Gear.

– We have gotten so many offers it is ridiculous. We are discussing how big this is gonna get! Bob Sapp vs Mike Tyson here in Thailand – Let’s go! 

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