Prop Bet Available on Derrick Lewis Celebrating in the Octagon with Popeye’s Chicken

There's a new prop bet available ahead of UFC 230 on whether or not Derrick Lewis will munch some Popeye's chicken if he defeats Daniel Cormier to become heavyweight champion

Ahead of his heavyweight title shot at UFC 230, Derrick Lewis inked an endorsement deal with Popeye’s Chicken and will even receive free food for life from one particular restaurant in his home state of Texas.

Lewis’ love affair with the fast food chicken outlet has gotten so much publicity ahead of his showdown against Daniel Cormier that there’s even a prop bet available now through

Right now wagers are open on whether or not Lewis will chow down on some delicious Popeye’s chicken inside the Octagon if he’s victorious on Saturday night.

There’s also another prop bet available on Lewis once again taking off his fight shorts after the bout is over just like he did at the conclusion of his matchup against Alexander Volkov at UFC 229.

On that occasion, Lewis uttered his now famous line ‘my balls was hot’ when asked by UFC color commentator Joe Rogan for the reason he had just removed his shorts.

If it happens again this time around, it’s possible to make some money on Lewis stripping off his clothing inside the cage.

Check out some of the other betting lines available for UFC 229 through right now.

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