Mike Perry Congratulates ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone for ‘Breaking an Arm to Break All the Records’

Mike Perry released a statement about his first round submission loss to Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone and offered up congratulations to his former teammate.

Despite suffering a broken arm in the fight, Mike Perry holds no ill will towards Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone following their battle on Saturday night.

Perry suffered the broken limb after he initiated a takedown in the opening round but soon found himself defending submissions from Cerrone including a triangle choke and a pair of arm bars.

It was the second arm bar attempt that ended the fight when Cerrone finally latched onto Perry, went belly down and cranked the submission until he got the tap.

Afterwards, Perry revealed that he had a broken arm courtesy of the Cerrone submission but he only offered up congratulations to his former teammate on his performance while promising to work on his Brazilian jiu-jitsu game going forward.

“Drillers make killers,” Perry wrote on Instagram. “We fine tuned so many things in my fight game. We did not work or drill offensive ground control and strikes from top. If I drill and flow my jiu-jitsu offensive top game the way I worked on my kickboxing flow I’ll be ripping limbs off and landing effective [ground and pound] my next match. Off to get my black belt

“Congrats to ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone for breaking an arm to break all the records last night. Stepping stone for me. I learned a lot and am more dangerous from it already.”

As Perry referenced, Cerrone’s victory put him atop the all time leader board for wins and finishes in UFC history thanks to his latest performance.

Cerrone said after the fight that he’s planning a return to lightweight where he hopes to pursue a title shot while it seems Perry is going back to the drawing board to work on his ground game after his arm heals so he can return in 2019.

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