UFC 303 Embedded
UFC 303 Embedded

VIDEO: UFC 303 Embedded Episodes 4 and 5

Follow the fighters’ journey to UFC 303 with exclusive insights.

Traveling and Preparations

In episode 4 of UFC 303 Embedded, the video starts with the fighters and their teams preparing for the big fight week. The video captures the anxiety and anticipation of traveling, especially for Joey, who almost missed his flight.

“I had anxiety the whole time I was standing out there,” he says. The team eventually makes it to Las Vegas, ready to start their preparations.

Ian Garry and his coach discuss the training regimen and the importance of maintaining health, speed, endurance, stability, and balance. Garry’s coach emphasizes,

“His personality is always I want to get better. I always try things, and I always want to try to get him better.”

MVP and UFC 5

Michael “Venom” Page (MVP) is featured playing the new UFC 5 game, highlighting his interaction with fans and his excitement about the accurate representation of his character in the game. MVP states,

“They even got my toes right in this game. That’s crazy.”

During the press conference, MVP answers questions about his upcoming fight against Ian Garry. When asked if he expects the fight to be easy, he replies,

“I always train for any of my opponents as if they’re the best in the world.”



Fight Week Energy and Preparations

The fighters discuss the energy and excitement of fight week. The preparation includes media obligations, training sessions, and photo shoots. One fighter mentions,

“Fight week is an energy. You absorb it, you take it, and you just look forward to the fight.”

In episode 5, Garry talks about balancing hard work with joy, aiming to inspire his son. The episode also covers the importance of mental preparation, with one fighter comparing the situation to a National Geographic documentary about lions – a battle between the young and the old.

Final Preparations and Respect

As fight night approaches, the fighters complete their final preparations, including weight cuts and media activities. One fighter notes, “All the hard work has been done. Now it’s just time to enjoy the ride.

” The fighters show mutual respect while maintaining their competitive edge. “I give respect because he showed respect,” one fighter says.

The episodes provide a comprehensive look at the physical and mental preparations required for a major UFC event, highlighting the dedication, anxiety, and excitement that come with it.

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