Urijah Faber On Sage Northcutt: ‘I Think He Can Be A World Champion’

Urijah Faber has been impressed with Sage Northcutt so far and thinks he can be a world champion one day.

Sage Northcutt will take on Thibault Gouti at UFC Fight Night 126 and one of his coaches at Team Alpha Male, Urijah Faber, believes it just another step towards him achieving his true potential.

Speaking backstage at UFC 219 this past weekend, Faber spoke about what it was like having Northcutt around the team and how he’d been impressed with him so far.

“Sage, you know, as far as a positive like energy, I’ve never really me anyone like that,” Faber said. “He like brings joys like wherever, he’s like Santa with abs. It’s really cool to have him in the room, he brightens the room and he’s genuine.

“The way he comes off is genuine and he learns super fast. It’s crazy. It’s just about finding those little skills and pieces to put into his already great mindset and good genetics and a lot of hard work.”

Faber was a former WEC bantamweight champion and he believes that Northcutt can go on to achieve similar heights. With Northcutt being only 21-years-old, he certainly has a lot of time to make the necessary improvements.

“I’m encouraging him, he’s too nice to say he’s going to go and get the strap, but that’s in his mind” Faber said. “I don’t know at what point someone just decides they want to be a champion.

“I think he’s probably had that for a long time, but I’m encouraging him to voice hit because I think he can be a world champion and we’re on a path to do that.”

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