Dana White Reveals: UFC’s “Hidden Millionaire” Fighter

Jim Miller's Surprising Wealth in UFC

In the high-stakes world of the UFC, pay has been a contentious issue. Critics argue that even top-ranked fighters earn relatively modest sums. Dana White, UFC President, recently shed light on the surprising financial success of some fighters, countering the prevalent narrative. Jim Miller, a 40-year-old UFC veteran, stands out with a record of 26 wins and 16 losses. Never reaching champion status, Miller has still amassed significant wealth, according to White. He contrasts this with boxing, where such financial success is less common for comparable athletes. Miller’s upcoming fight with Bobby Green at UFC 300 highlights his enduring career and potential earnings.

Citing Miller’s journey, White underscores the UFC’s different approach to fighter pay. Unlike boxing, where champions receive a lion’s share, UFC aims for a more equitable distribution. Despite not being a household name, Miller’s longevity in the UFC has apparently paid off handsomely.

Dana White’s comments suggest that long-term UFC fighters, even those without championship titles, can achieve substantial financial success. This challenges common perceptions about fighter earnings in MMA compared to boxing.

“When you become a champion, you become a partner,” – Dana White.

“He’s been here since we bought the company and he’s still fighting,” – Dana White on Jim Miller.

“Guys in boxing who would be considered ‘journeymen’ would never make that kind of money,” – Dana White.

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