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✔ The Gipsy King sends a message to "The Predator"

Boxing champion Tyson Fury and UFC heavyweight champion Francis “The Predator” Ngannou have gone back and forth with each other over social media and in interviews. After this weekend’s UFC 270 victory for Ngannou, Fury has continued to ignite interest in having a boxing match between the two.

Ngannou defeated Ciryl “Bon Gamin” Gane in the main event at UFC 270 via an unanimous decision. Gane seemed to have found his rhythm early in the fight but the further into the rounds the fight went on it was Ngannou who started to take over.

“The Predator” who is known for his knockout power chose to take Gane down on the mat and control him there. Gane had what it took to get to his feet at first. But in the final round, Ngannou was too much for Gane and was defeated via decision, (48-47, 48-47, 49-46).

Ngannou entered the fight with only one fight left on his contract, which opens up the possibility for him to negotiate a new contract with the UFC or choose to become a free agent and take on other challenges. Among other things, a superfight against Fury may be relevant. After the match, Fury congratulated his potential opponent and sent him another message.

– Congratulations @francis_ngannou but if you want to make some real money come see the GK ?, wrote Fury.


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