Report: Michael Bisping Ordered to Pay More Than $400,000 to Ex-Manager

Michael Bisping could not have been happy with the judge's verdict on Friday

Michael Bisping traveled to England this week for court proceedings brought against him by his former manager Anthony McGann and he left owing nearly a half-a-million dollars in the judgment.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Bisping was ordered to pay McGann over $426,000 in restitution for earnings that were owed from 2005 to 2011 when he was managing the UFC superstar.

The report also states that Bisping and McGann got into some sort of scuffle outside the courtroom, which only further infuriated Judge Richard Salter, who was overseeing the proceedings.

The judge handed down the verdict but also admonished by Bisping and McGann for false statements made during the course of the trial.

The judge said that while Bisping owed McGann after signing a contract with him back in 2005, his former manager was “untruthful” about many of the claims he made while calling some of the documentation provided in the court proceedings “recent fabrications”.

Bisping also earned ire from the judge, who said that the former UFC middleweight champion was a more honest witness but still made statements that were “incredible and untrue”.

Both Bisping and McGann were then accused of a scheme together where they allegedly orchestrated a plan to get out of paying taxes to Australia back in 2010 and 2011.

“Mr Bisping was also a knowing participant with Mr McGann in the scheme to defraud the Australian tax authorities by overstating Mr Bisping’s expenses in 2010 and 2011,” Judge Salter said when making his decision.

The judge hasn’t rendered a final financial figure but did say that Bisping owed McGann more than £320,000, which translates to more than $426,000 U.S. dollars as well as still figuring out who will pay for the legal fees in the case.

Bisping is already on his way back from England where he will appear as an analyst for the UFC on FOX 26 card from Winnipeg on Saturday night.

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