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Jake Paul Admits Special Contract with Tyron Woodley – Offers Half a Million Dollar in Bonus!

✔ Wants to put an end to the rumors about the contract

Tommy Fury announced his withdraw earlier this week from the anticipated boxing match against Jake Paul due to an injury, and former UFC champion Tyron Woodley jumps in for a rematch.

Rumors have previously circulated about the regulations and special contract clause prior their first bout, when Conor McGregor’s training partner Dillon Danis claimed that Woodley was not allowed to knockout Jake Paul due to a special clause in the fight contract. Danis says that explains why Woodley did not throw more punches against Jake when he had him injured. The boxing match ended via a split decision victory for Jake Paul.

This time around, the YouTube star and celebrity boxer Jake Paul wants to put an end to these rumors – by offering an incredible bonus to his opponent! Bets and bonuses prior to his fights have become standard, and this time it will be no exception.

“Rumors are circulating, as everyone has begun to believe, that my fights are rigged or that I do not let my opponents knock me out, and that is simply not true,” Jake said on The MMA Hour. That’s pure bullshit. Of course, these people will try to get me down because when you’re at the top, that’s what happens. So I just want to get this out early and give my opponent Tyron [Woodley] an extra / bonus of $500,000 if he CAN knock me out.

– It just shows that all my fights have been legit, completely genuine, and will continue to be genuine, Jake continued. It’s illegal to rig a fight, because it’s a scam. You may not (influence) the outcome of a professionally sanctioned fight. It is illegal. You end up in jail (for that). So we just wanted to put an end to the rumors.

According to the Youtube boxer, Woodley will receive a bonus of $ 500,000 on top of the purse if he manages to defeat Jake Paul via knockout in the rematch. In their first fight, the boxer offered a big bonus if Woodley agreed to tattoo “I love Jake Paul” if he lost – which Woodley chose to do on his middle finger!

Many fighters mocked Woodley for the tattoo, but it may have led to this rematch, and potentially millions of dollars in Woodleys bank account as a result.

Jake Paul explains that nothing stopped Woodley to knock him out – but which gloves Woodley could wear was stipulated in the contract

The first time they fought, according to Jake, there was nothing in the contract stating that Woodley was not allowed to knock him out, as it is illegal, but the type of gloves that Woodley was allowed to wear, there was a clause in the contract.

The thing that Woodley was not allowed to do during the boxing match was to wear Grant gloves. The fighter was instead forced to wear Everlast gloves, while Jake himself wore his Grants.

Boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather is also known for wearing these gloves (Grants) in his boxing matches. Grant gloves are specially designed to provide extra protection around the wrists and also have less padding.

A report from USA Today clarifies that very few restrictions beyond this can be found in the bout agreement and that everything seems to be standard for this type of boxing contract.

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