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Dana White Unfazed by PFL’s Bid to Buy Bellator MMA

UFC President Questions the Logic Behind Bellator Acquisition Rumors

Dana White, the UFC president, appears unfazed by reports of the PFL (Professional Fighters League) potentially purchasing Bellator MMA. Speculations had circulated for months that Paramount was looking to offload Bellator, and recently, rumors emerged that the PFL was close to sealing a deal to acquire Bellator for $500 million.

While the PFL also announced plans to sell a minority stake to SRJ Sports Investments for $100 million, fueling the speculations, Dana White remains nonchalant. He questioned the rationale behind acquiring Bellator and seemed uninterested in outbidding the PFL.

White commented,

“Why on God’s green fucking Earth would anybody buy Bellator?” and continued, “So what we were just talking about with business and making the right moves and making the right decisions, there’s been lots of bad ones — Bellator would be one of the fucking biggest.”

Regarding the $500 million price tag, White humorously stated,

“Bellator’s $500 million? Awesome. Sounds like a steal.”

However, he emphasized that combat sports are ultimately a business, and simply having a robust roster of fighters may not guarantee success.

While PFL CEO Donn Davis claimed that they pay fighters more than the UFC, White vehemently denied this assertion. White acknowledged the competition but noted the challenges of achieving long-term success in combat sports.

In summary, Dana White appears unfazed by the PFL’s potential acquisition of Bellator, expressing skepticism about the purchase and emphasizing the importance of sound business decisions in the MMA industry. Despite the competition, White holds no ill will toward the PFL.

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