Alex Pereira
Alex Pereira

Dana White to Alex Pereira: “I’ll Take Care of You”

Dana White rewards Alex Pereira with a surprise bonus after his stellar performance at UFC 303.

UFC 303 was a triumphant event for Alex Pereira, who not only ended his rivalry with Jiri Prochazka in spectacular fashion but also secured a substantial bonus from UFC President Dana White.

Pereira, known as “Poatan,” successfully defended his title for the second time by knocking out Prochazka with a devastating head kick in the second round. This victory was particularly impressive considering Pereira stepped in on short notice after the Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler fight fell through.

Backstage Conversation with Dana White

After the fight, Pereira approached Dana White to discuss his performance bonus. As recounted by Pereira’s coach Plinio Cruz on The MMA Hour, White initially confirmed the standard $50,000 bonus for Performance of the Night. However, Pereira reminded him of the special $303,000 bonus that had been given for UFC 300.

– “He talked to Dana backstage, and they discussed many things,” said Cruz. “Dana said, ‘You actually won Performance of the Night.’ And (Pereira) replied, ‘303,000$?’ Dana said, ‘No, no, no, $50,000.’”



A Surprising Turn of Events

Despite White’s initial response, Pereira’s exceptional performance and his willingness to fight on short notice led to a change of heart. Given their history and the short notice under which Pereira accepted the fight, White decided to reward him with the requested bonus.

– “Dana looked at him and said, ‘You know what, man? I’ll take care of you. You get $303,000.’ He even joked with Pereira to buy a supercar with the money. Pereira replied, ‘I have enough supercars.’ He wants a Cybertruck,” Cruz added.

Future Prospects for Pereira

Looking ahead, Pereira might move up to heavyweight, where he could make history as the UFC’s first triple champion. This potential move is highly anticipated as fans and analysts speculate on his ability to conquer another weight class.

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