Anderson Silva Maintains His Innocence, Still Hopes for Roy Jones Jr. Fight

Anderson Silva claims he may have been the victim of a tainted supplement and he's still holding out hope for a fight against Roy Jones Jr.

Not only is Anderson Silva maintaining his innocence after a positive drug test but he hopes to return to the ring so he can finally face off with Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match.

Silva has been on a provisional suspension since last year after he reportedly tested positive for methyltestosterone and a diuretic, both of which are banned year round by USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) but he’s always said that he never knowingly took anything illegal.

Instead, Silva now says he may have been the victim of a tainted supplement and he’s putting his faith in his attorneys to prove his innocence so he can return to fighting sooner rather than later.

“Maybe the supplements I’m using is contaminated. I don’t know,” Silva said when speaking to TMZ. “I’m just waiting. Because obviously if I take these steroids, I’m stupid. Because I’m too old. I’m not at the start of my career. I’m [at the] finish.

“First of all, I love fighting. This is my heart, this is my life. I’m waiting on my lawyers working [with] USADA and I’m waiting for the result because I’m very excited to fight.”

Because Silva had a previous positive drug test from 2o15 that resulted in a one year suspension, it’s entirely possible that USADA could penalize the former middleweight champion with an even harsher sanction up to four years off from the sport.

At 42, that would almost assuredly put an end to Silva’s career but he still believes that he’ll be exonerated with hopes of then working towards his dream fight — a boxing match against Roy Jones Jr.

“Of course, I go fight for Roy Jones. I’m waiting for Mr. Roy. Because Mr. Roy is a great man to give that opportunity and this is my dream. That’s my dream and hopefully this fight come,” Silva said. 

“I’m just waiting for USADA and my lawyers and hopefully they came back soon for fight for Roy Jones.”

Jones Jr. just recently retired following his last bout but left the door open for a potential return if he ever got the chance to face Silva.

There’s still no exact timeline when USADA will reach a decision regarding Silva’s future.

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