Alberto Del Rio Says Ronda Rousey Could Be ‘The Best Wrestler In History’

Former WWE champ Alberto Del Rio spoke about Ronda Rousey's new wrestling career.

There are few athletes who have managed to transition between MMA and professional wrestling; fewer are those who have been successful in both facets. One of them is Alberto Del Rio, who has been a WWE champion and also left a 9-5 record as a mixed martial artist.

With the debut of Ronda Rousey in the WWE, there have been many comments about the former UFC champion, who will soon be appearing at the top event of professional wrestling, Wrestlemania.

We spoke with Alberto Del Rio about what Ronda Rousey’s work in WWE has been, what she should do and what he could expect from her in the most famous wrestling stage.

“She should go for a while to the WWE development school (NXT), spend a good season there with the boys, so that she learns the basics and above all she gets immersed in the world of wrestling spectacle”, Del Rio stated. “Knowing how to handle the microphone, how to handle the cameras and also how to perform the movements you have to do when you dedicate yourself to this sport.”

Del Rio recognized that Rousey is already a living legend of combat sports, and he sees potential in her to become one of the best fighters in the industry, but only if she has the will to learn and improve.

“If she does, well, she is already a legend, she is a name that will be remembered for generations to come, but she needs to know the in-ring work and the microphone handling. If she manages to do it that way, she will be one of the best, or maybe the best wrestler in history.”

Watch the interview here:

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