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Tyson Fury reveals the three keys to his success “before every fight”

✔ "That makes me high performance"

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has revealed the secret behind his success ahead of the trilogy bout against Derek Chisora on December 3.

“The Gypsy King” Fury suffered from a major depressive episode after winning the world title from Wladimir Klitscho in 2015. Drugs and junk food became his sole comfort during those dark times.

“Within a month of being crowned world heavyweight champ, I was an emotional wreck on my way to a heart attack, thanks to a diet of Class-A drugs, junk food and alcohol,” Fury wrote in his book ‘The Furious Method.’

At his heaviest, Fury weighed nearly 400 lbs. “The Gypsy King” was far from happy with both his body and his life in those days; however, in the end, he managed to return to competition in shape and looking as impressive as ever.

“I had my epiphany in a pub on Halloween night in 2017, hopelessly overweight and humiliated, wearing a skeleton outfit that was skin-tight and emphasised my full 28 stone. Looking around the pub at people half my age I felt like a disgrace, and I knew things had to change.”

With time, the undefeated boxer has learnt to manage his inner demons in a healthier manner. That doesn’t mean, however, that junk food is completely off the table. According to Fury, his “death-row meal,” which he’s been eating since childhood, is the key to his great success in boxing.

“My three non-negotiable behaviours, or three things that makes me high performance is fish fingers, chips and beans. It’s my death-row meal and that’s what makes me high performance. I have it before every fight. It’s my favourite meal in the world.”

If the boxing star manages to get past his rival Chisora, whom he’s defeated twice previously, a long awaited fight against Oleksandr Usyk could be in the pipeline for 2023.


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