Sean Strickland’s Clash with MGK: A Candid Explanation

“They’re Not People – They’re Influencers!”

In a whirlwind of controversy, former UFC champion Sean Strickland has once again found himself in the spotlight, this time for a heated exchange with Grammy-nominated artist Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) during a Power Slap event. Strickland, known for his unfiltered opinions, confronted MGK over his attire and demeanor, leading to a verbal spat caught on camera. The MMA fighter’s disdain didn’t stop at the event; he took to social media to continue his tirade against MGK and his fiancée, actress Megan Fox.

Strickland’s reasoning behind the confrontation sheds light on his perspective of celebrities and influencers. He expresses a clear disconnect between his reality and that of the influential figures he encounters, particularly at events like the Power Slap gala. His comments highlight a broader critique of celebrity culture and the perceived god complexes of those within it.

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Strickland’s candidness, while controversial, offers an insight into the fighter’s unapologetic nature and his views on fame, influence, and the authenticity of interpersonal interactions in the world of celebrities.


“I don’t know who the f*** that guy is. I’m easy to find, vampire man,” shouted Strickland.

“These people aren’t like you and me. They’re not like the guys you see in the store. They’re not the guy pumping gas. They have this weird god complex,” Strickland explained.

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