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Mike Perry Warns Max Griffin: ‘I’m Going To F*** This Man Up’

Mike Perry faces Max Griffin this weekend and he's promising he's going to be lights off at UFC on Fox 28.

Mike Perry isn’t usually shy of a few words for his opponents and this week he’s been letting Max Griffin know what he’s in for this Saturday at UFC on Fox 28.

Perry (11-2) is coming off the back of a loss to Santiago Ponzinibbio who defeated him last December at UFC on Fox 26. Having lost for only the second time in his career, Perry reflected on the defeat and explained what areas of his game he’d been working on since then.

“I guess it [acts] as a little motivation to be better, but here’s the thing, I take that Ponzinibbio fight and I see a lot of things that I did right,” Perry told the UFC Unfiltered podcast. “When I go back to the gym I can’t totally rewrite the board. I have to continue to do the things that I did right and the things that you do at the high level that you do wrong are so small it’s very easy to miss.

“I think it was the pressure a lot. It’s rewriting my DNA from the inside, my want to fight is not getting me the win any more. It used to and I got to keep that urge to fight and keep that fire in my back pocket, but I got to win points, run away from these guys and poke these guys. If they want to run away from me, you’re going to see me run around a little more for them.”

With that fight now in the past, Perry is now focused on his opponent on Saturday night and he wasn’t afraid of letting Griffin know exactly the sort of punishment he’s in for.

Max is a totally different opponent,” Perry said. “He comes in and out, maybe he’s been working his angles, maybe not, I’m pretty sure he’s straight forward and back. He’s big on 1-2, 1-1-2, big on that right hand, which leaves him susceptible to my overhand right if I lean to my outside and my left and throw around or up the middle over the top. He’s pretty susceptible to that.

“Even if he hears this it’s not going to change anything. I always say what I’m going to do to my opponents. If he starts dodging the right hand, the left hoot is coming over the top. I’m going to be working some kicks in this fight and keep him at bay while I shuffle from side-to-side like Anderson Silva. I’m going to be throwing little sidekicks at him and throwing little teeps, little rear leg front kicks and try to tap him because I know if I tap him the knockout will come.”

With his hometown Florida crowd behind him, Perry can’t see any way that Griffin can beat him and he promised whatever he dishes out, he will only get back ten times worse.

“There’s nothing that’s going to hurt me and nothing that’s going to stop me. You ain’t gotta stop me to beat me, the two f***ing times I lost, I wasn’t stopped. I’m going to totally disrespect his offense completely, there’s nothing I respect about it.

“He can punch me in the face once with his hardest punch and I’m going to laugh at him and hit him back 10 f***ing times. I’m going to f*** this man up.”

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